Sudeep Moniz - Oil Industry Professional with NIC Holding Corporation

Sudeep Moniz

After earning his International Baccalaureate diploma from Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong, Sudeep Moniz attended Columbia University in New York City as a Davis World Scholar. While enrolled in Columbia’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, he served as a resident adviser and the president of the Columbia International Relations Council. Sudeep Moniz graduated in 2010, majoring in operations research - engineering management systems and minoring in economics.

Mr. Moniz got his professional start as an analyst with the product group of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in New York City, where he obtained a series 7 certification. Mr. Moniz went on to accept positions with multiple financial organizations in the petroleum industry, he has worked for NIC Holding Corporation in Melville, New York since 2016.

To facilitate his activities in the financial services sector, Mr. Moniz is proficiency in Microsoft Office and Bloomberg Terminal software.